We know how difficult it can be to juggle work or home chores with home-schooling your children with the recent closure of schools across the UK, so we’ve partnered with PlanBee to keep your children busy while you juggle all your other responsibilities.

We have a range of bite-sized lessons which are easy to use with a lesson, worksheets and easy to understand aims and objectives for parents to teach children curriculum-related topics. This allows your child to keep up to date with subjects beyond English and maths, with the range of lessons available. We offer free printable resources covering a range of topics including; art, history, geography and science.

It is also important to keep children’s motor skills developing, so activities like colouring in and cutting worksheets can be used to supplement their learning. Printing our free cutting exercises gives children stimulating and engaging activities, and can help to develop their muscles, strength and dexterity. We have a range of worksheets, ranging from the life-cycle of butterflies to creating puppets. By allowing your child to engage in creative play and cutting, this can teach your child emotional development by allowing children to express emotions through creativity.

Our downloadable colouring sheets are provided as PDFs, so you can print these out and colour at your (or your child’s) leisure! Colouring is an important part of understanding colour, improving hand strength and encourages self-expression. It has been found children and adults alike benefit from the repetitive motion of colouring. It helps to relax the amygdala, which is the fear centre of the brain. During times of uncertainty and anxiety, it is important to look after yourself and your children. By putting all your focus into colouring, this can ground you and allow you and your child to feel more able to learn.

Remember that you are parenting and teaching during a global pandemic, so whatever you manage to do, it is enough. Watching television, playing games and ‘being lazy’ are all okay, these allow you and your children to learn great coping skills during stressful times, to unwind and to escape anxiety and stress. Games can help promote fine motor skills, critical thinking and understanding natural cause and consequences. Television often have moral lessons and promote creativity which is great! So even if your child is only willing to cut, draw or colour, this is still developing their skills and allowing them to explore the world around them!

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