How Homework Can Help Boost Children's Confidence

Homework can help boost your child’s confidence by giving them the space, time and the resources to do the homework independently. As a parent, the best tools you can give your child is that willingness to try for themselves and to be able to seek solutions to their issues without relying on you to do the work for them.

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How Are You? | Youth Mental Health Day

Today is Youth Mental Health Day. Current figures estimate that one in four people have a mental health issue, though this estimate is conservative. The World Health Organisation reports that half of all mental health issues begin by the age of fourteen. Adolescence is always a tumultuous time.

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Tackling Back-to-School Anxiety | Parents and Guardians

This year has been stressful for parents and children alike, with many more people reporting symptoms of anxiety. Returning to school can prove daunting at the best of times, so it’s extra crucial to make the transition as smooth as possible this time around.

Children could feel anxious about many things, such as seeing their friends for the first time in months or perhaps needing to make new ones in a new class or year group. They might worry about academic performance and generally doing well, they may worry about being bullied and, certainly now, concerns about just staying safe and healthy in a pandemic they don’t fully understand will be rife.

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